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About Us

Doña Ana Soil and Water Conservation District (DASWCD) is authorized by the Soil and Water Conservation District Act (73-20-25 through 73-20-48 NMSA 1978) to conserve and develop the natural resources of the state, provide for flood control, preserve wildlife, protect the tax base and promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the people of Doña Ana County. DASWCD is a governmental subdivision of the State of New Mexico. 
DASWCD was originally created with the name La Union Soil and Water Conservation District on June 17, 1966. The original boundaries did not include the incorporated portions of the City of Las Cruces. In 2010, the boundaries were changed to include the city. The name was also changed to better reflect the jurisdiction of the District. In the Spring of 2015, the District was divided into zones in order to better serve the constituents of geographical areas. 
DASWCD consists of a total of seven Supervisors. The Supervisors are residents and/or landowners of the District or appropriate zone.  The Board meets once a month, on the 2nd Thursday, at 9am at Elephant Butte Irrigation District, 530 South Melendres in Las Cruces. DASWCD works in partnership with NMDA, other state and federal agencies, and various organizations to advance conservation on private and public lands.
Current Supervisors are:
 Name Term
 Jerry Schickedanz 

 Election in November of 2019
 DJ Martinez Election in November of 2019
Kevin Bixby Election in November of 2021
 D. Craig Fenske Election in November of 2021
 5/At Large
Joshua Smith Election in November of 2019
 Stephen WilmethNMSWCC Annually at it's June meeting.
 Dudley WilliamsNMSWCC Annually at it's June meeting.